Thursday, 11 August 2022

Making the best Accompanied by a Complimentary Blogger Blog : Its Convenient!

If you're looking to make some extra money online, you've arrived at the best place. These days it would appear that everyone and their dog is attempting to sell get rich quick schemes. They're everywhere, you can't miss them. I'm not here to market you on some hype. I'm here to give you a detail by detail plan on how you can make some extra money with a free of charge blogger blog. It's quick and easy, you could be earning money a few minutes from now

First of all you'll need setting an account up for yourself. Head over to and register (don't create a web log just yet). You then need to decide what to write about. I recommend currently talking about a topic that you're passionate about. If you think the topic isn't profitable, think again. Nearly every topic is. When you've considered a topic to write about, you want to get some keyword phrases that individuals are trying to find in the search engines...

Directly over to Google's keyword tool and type in your topic. You'll be hit with an enormous set of different phrases. Produce a record of most of them. Then go back to the blogger website and produce a blog. You need the blog name and url to be a keyword phrase. So if you're topic is resume writing. And folks are trying to find effective resume tips, then that's everything you call your blog and url

Then take the keyword phrases from Google's keyword tool and write articles on each phrase. Try to include the phrase in the content title, and several times throughout the article. Make an effort to write atleast 400 words for every single article. Then start posting the articles in your blog. You have to be writing content for your blog every single day. Your blog will rank much higher when you update your blog every day, the search engines love fresh content!

Then you'll need to monetize your blog. I recommend heading over to, to see if you have any related products you are able to promote being an affiliate. Or you could search for "YOUR TOPIC Affiliate Program" in one of the search engines. If you can't find anything useful, don't worry. Blogger will permit you to then add Google ad's in your blog. You'll receive money per click!

I realise that this may sound all too complicated, but don't worry. Below I've included an url to an internet site that offers a complete guide to earning money with Blogger

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